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God Help Me
BOBBY WELCH will never forget the day he suffered a gunshot wound to the chest from close range. Bleeding profusely and unable to move or talk, he lay on his side, his face ...

God Help Me

At that moment two shadowy figures appeared before him, and he had the strong sense that God and Jesus Christ had come for him. In that moment he was overcome with regret over the years he had let himself drift away from the commitment he made as a sixteen-year-old. At that point, he had given up hope to live and could only plead for mercy. With what seemed like his last breath, he repeated the prayer, “God, help me! God, help me!”

The wounded soldier was loaded that night into a helicopter for evacuation to a field hospital where his life hung in the balance for days. During a brief moment of consciousness he promised God to be better, whether he was to live or die. He prayed, “Lord, I intend to live for You from this day on.” He later explained his thoughts at that crucial moment:

I was not playing “Let’s Make a Deal” with the Lord. There were no strings attached to my prayer. No, this was a sincere and earnest commitment to Jesus Christ by a soldier of this country to become a soldier of His cross, until promoted to everlasting service for all eternity.

The Lord Jesus Christ who had the love and power to reach down to an ungodly, dying soldier on a lonely jungle trail, halfway around the world from home; a soldier given up for dead and face down in a puddle of his own blood—that same Lord Jesus who worked a miracle to save a soldier’s life, change him, and use him—is the same Lord Jesus who can do that for anyone! Don’t you feel the thrill of that truth? “Wow, what a Savior, Lord, God!”

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