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The Newest Titles in the Following God Series: Cease Striving Books 1 & 2  

In this workbook, you will discover why people strive, where it enters into the heart of humanity, what and whom people strive to be, and how it manifests itself in our relationship with both God and humanity. You will also discover that God’s work of grace through the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only remedy for such striving.

Throughout the Book of Galatians, Paul admonishes believers who are struggling because false teachers have come in with the lie that people can be justified in religion and sanctified through their work of religious activity. In other words, the message of the false teacher is that salvation is achieved by Christ’s work plus man’s work. Paul warns that adding anything to God’s work of grace, whether it is Christ’s finished work on the cross or the work of grace now by His Spirit through His Word, is a different gospel.

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Prepare Your Heart for Easter during the season of Lent!

Preparing My Heart for Easter is a celebration of Christ’s amazing love in the form of an eight-week Bible Study for women. The study focuses on the women who followed Jesus during His life and death and how He worked in their lives. Meet Mary Magdalene, Mary and Martha, Jairus’ wife and daughter, Salome, the woman at the well, and others. By focusing on the life and death of Jesus and the lives of the women who were eyewitnesses of His miraculous ministry on earth, readers will learn how Jesus changed the future for all women. Like the women of His time, our eyes will be fixed on Him as He journeys to the cross and beyond. Dedicate this Lenten season to prepare your heart for Easter, and watch Jesus transform your life. Relive the Passion, recharge your faith, and REJOICE!

Updated edition now includes new material, including enhanced and expanded leader’s guide.

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